The Mission (A True Story)

The mission that the angels had been sent on seemed clear enough, initially. They were to settle in, and give guidance to the material world.
A difficulty however soon presented itself. Having knowledge of things as they are in themselves and not as they exist in relation to each other, the angelic swarm lacked the ability to distinguish between sizes, or for that matter distances.
They colonised arbitrarily. Some would inhabit a city, island, or mountain range as their domain while others might settle for the internal organs of some animal or human, or on a cobweb, or small plant.
So there are now not only guardian angels of mountains and rivers, but also angels of the oesophagus, lower gut, of certain mushrooms, of leaf mould.
Perhaps they are ignorant of the huge discrepancies between their realms, but perhaps it is because they also lack the capacity for envy, that they carry out their respective tasks so contentedly.

Colony as a biological term refers to life forms, at all levels of complexity, that live together in a system of mutual support.
These paintings belong to an ongoing series of small works depicting scenes and interactions lacking a familiar content or context. What they are depicting lies, as it were, beyond the horizon.